We understand that nurturing women through pregnancy requires a deep understanding of their unique needs and a commitment to providing compassionate, individualized care. As midwives, we’re passionate about supporting women during this life-changing experience. We believe that midwifery wisdom is not just about delivering babies, but about empowering women to take control of their health and wellbeing. Our community is dedicated to sharing knowledge, resources, and support to help midwives provide exceptional care.

By joining us, you’ll become part of a vibrant network of peers and experts who share your passion for nurturing women through pregnancy – and discover a wealth of opportunities to grow and learn together.

Join the Midwifery Wisdom Community

By joining the Midwifery Wisdom Community, we become part of a vibrant, heart-centered network of peers and experts who are dedicated to supporting midwives globally, and who share our passion for nurturing women through pregnancy. As Midwifery Wisdom Members, we gain access to a unique community that values peer support and authentic connection. We’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of being a midwife.

With mentors and networking opportunities at our fingertips, we can grow professionally and personally. Most importantly, we’ve found an authentic space where we can be ourselves, free from online noise and distractions.

Benefits of Membership Inclusions

As we become part of the Midwifery Wisdom Community, we’re eager to explore the valuable benefits that come with our membership, starting with the exclusive inclusions that set us up for success. We’re thrilled to enjoy 15% off on all resources, which will help us grow as midwives globally. We’ll also get early access to exclusive content and resources, fueling our professional growth. What’s more, we’ll be part of a heart-centered community that offers unmatched community support and networking opportunities.

We’ll drive change in midwifery while receiving the support we need. With access to live calls and enriching content, we’ll experience a comprehensive support system. We’re excited to be part of this community, dedicated to nurturing women through pregnancy.

Homebase Membership Details Unveiled

Delving into the heart of our Midwifery Wisdom Community, we discover the Premier Homebase membership, which offers us a robust foundation for growth and development. We’re thrilled to have access to weekly live sessions on essential midwifery topics, guided by renowned experts like Augustine Colebrook and Kristine Lauria. These sessions not only impart wisdom but also provide us with a safe space to ask questions and clarify doubts.

We appreciate the peer review sessions held on special months, which offer comprehensive support and deep mentoring. Through our Homebase membership, we’ve found a community that nurtures our professional growth, providing real connection and support in a safe and inclusive space.

Unlocking Midwifery Wisdom Podcasts

We’re now taking our learning to the next level with Augustine Colebrook’s engaging and informative Midwifery Wisdom podcasts, where we can tap into real conversations and expert insights on the most pressing topics in birth and midwifery. Through these podcasts, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of the birth world and its complexities. We’re exposed to a wealth of education and insights from midwifery experts, covering professional themes that matter most. From current issues to best practices, we’re absorbing knowledge that empowers us to provide exceptional care to women.

By tuning in, we’re becoming part of a community that’s dedicated to nurturing women through pregnancy and beyond.

Midwifery Conference 2022 Highlights

This year’s Midwifery Conference 2022 brought together a vibrant community of midwives, experts, and advocates, converging on a shared mission to nurture women through pregnancy and beyond. We were inspired by the collective energy and commitment to improving midwifery care. The conference highlighted key issues in our field, including maternal health disparities and the need for a birth justice framework. We gained valuable insights from renowned experts like Augustine Colebrook and Jamarah Amani, who shared their expertise on perinatal models of care and legal considerations for midwives.

– Groundbreaking discussions on birth justice and maternal health disparities
– Expert sessions on perinatal models of care and legal considerations for midwives
– Workshops on birth justice frameworks and mentorship opportunities
– Strategies for improving access and equity in perinatal care
– Emphasis on community empowerment and inclusivity in midwifery practices

Birth Justice Course Overview

As midwives and healthcare providers, we recognize that birth justice is a critical component of equitable perinatal care, which is why we’re excited to offer a comprehensive course that tackles the complexities of this vital issue. Our Birth Justice course, led by mentor Jamarah Amani, covers essential topics like Intro to Social Justice for Healthcare Providers and strategies for improving Access and Equity in perinatal care. We emphasize inclusivity and intersectionality, examining various forms of oppression to empower communities.

Upon completion, participants earn 0.9 CEUs. By taking this course, we’re committed to promoting birthing with justice and autonomy, supporting communities through Midwifery Wisdom.

Midwifery Resources and Support

Now that we’ve explored the importance of birth justice, let’s focus on nurturing ourselves as midwives, too, with access to supportive resources and expertise that can elevate our practice and well-being. We believe that building the Birth Justice movement starts with engaging with midwifery resources that prioritize our growth and well-being. That’s why we’re committed to providing a heart-centered community where we can deepen our clinical awareness and connect with peers who share our passion. Here are just a few benefits of joining our Midwifery Wisdom Membership:

– 15% off on all resources and early access to content
– Weekly live sessions on essential midwifery topics and tailored support for growth
– Opportunities for mentorship and peer review
– A safe and inclusive space to connect with like-minded midwives
Testimonials that highlight the valuable support and wisdom gained from our community

Empowering Midwives Through Education

We believe that empowering midwives through education is key to revolutionizing the birth justice movement, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing access to expert mentorship and comprehensive training. Through Midwifery Wisdom, we offer a safe space for midwives to deepen their clinical skills and knowledge, connecting with renowned experts like Augustine Colebrook and Kristine Lauria. Our weekly live sessions and mentored peer review sessions help midwives build confidence and community support.

With our Homebase membership, midwives receive tailored guidance, exclusive content, and discounts on resources. By investing in midwifery education, we’re nurturing a movement that prioritizes women’s health and empowerment. Together, we’re creating a network of skilled, compassionate midwives who can make a meaningful difference in their communities.


As we weave together the threads of midwifery wisdom, we’re reminded of the ancient proverb, “a strong woman believes that she is strong enough to face her journey, but a wise woman knows that true strength is in the collective.” We’re honored to be part of this collective, nurturing women through pregnancy and empowering midwives through education. Together, we’ll continue to break down barriers, amplify marginalized voices, and pave the way for a more just and compassionate birth landscape.