Our Most Often Ask Questions About Birth Answered Below

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What is your philosophy regarding pregnancy and birth and your role in it?

Our goal is to help you to have the birth experience you desire. We believe that God made the woman’s body to give birth, and that it is a normal and natural process. That interference, usually starts a cascading effect that leads to emergencies and more interventions.

How many births have you attended?

We have 3 midwives on our team, and together they have been catching babies for almost 40 years combined, with over 1200 births in the last 20 years.

What percentage of women successfully have a natural birth under your care?

Our percentage rate of successfully natural births are 99 percent, with a 1 percent transfer rate.

Do you have hospital privileges? At what hospitals?

Absolutely,  we have a transport agreement with the hospitals in our service areas. 

We have a wonderful working relationship with the doctors at the hospitals, and we will go with you and stay with you, acting on your behalf, if the need to transfer care arises. 

What usually happens at prenatal appointments? How many? When? How long are they?

Your initial visit is an hour and a half, then each prenatal visit is scheduled for 45 minutes each.

You will see your midwife every 4 week to week 30, then every 2 weeks to week 36, then every week until delivery.