Home Birth Midwife

Home Birth

Giving birth at home is rapidly becoming a more popular birthing option for families in the United States. Women are choosing to birth at home for all kinds of reasons, including lower rates of intervention and more personalized, holistic care.

Midwives bring necessary supplies

Our midwives, provide supplies you will need to have a home birth.

The standard of care for midwives is to expect the normal, monitor for variations of normal and be prepared in the rare event of an emergency. You will be provided with a birth kit which has disposable supplies and water birth tub, should you desire it. She will bring equipment to monitor you and your baby and to help your baby breathe, should it be needed. You will be given a list or household items and baby supplies you will need to have gathered for your birthing time. You will be asked to pick up a couple of pharmaceuticals such as Pitocin, or synthetic oxytocin for use in case of extra bleeding, eye ointment and vitamin K, and Rhogam if you are Rh-.

It’s not that messy

The ick factor can be a source of hesitation for families interested in home birth. You might have visions of your partner fainting at the sight of bloody sheets or be panicked you’ll lose oodles of amniotic fluid on your brand new couch. Yes, giving birth in your home will likely involve some cleanup?but the good news is you won’t be involved in any of it! “When we arrive to someone’s home, we ‘set up.’ We make their beds using plastic backed sheet, set out our supplies. This way, when you are ready to meet your baby, we are ready! We leave a home looking like nothing happened here because we also clean up and do laundry and make the house presentable again before we leave.