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Meet our team

Linda Weaver LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

I was introduced to the idea of midwifery while pregnant with her second child. She had given birth in a hospital the first time and felt very out of control. She allowed a physician to induce her, and was given medication against her wishes and had labored in an overflow room with only a curtain separating her from the other laboring women. She knew she wanted a different experience second time around. A friend introduced her to her midwife and she was hooked on natural birth at home with a midwife. The idea of laboring at home seemed so natural to her. She could use her own linens, dress in her own clothes, and choose who would be attending. After the birth, her daughter could see her newborn sibling right away. She could sleep in my own bed. She decided to study midwifery when her children were in high school. It was in her heart and soul. She loves serving other women and helping them achieve the birth of their dreams. She have been licensed since 2001 and have attended over 500 births

Amy Redman LM

Licensed Midwife

I began my apprenticeship in March, 1996. After a leave of absence while traveling abroad, I resumed my apprenticeship in Greenville, SC under the sponsorship of the midwife who had delivered my brother thirteen years before. During that time, I met Linda Weaver (also an apprentice.) We so enjoyed working together that shortly after she licensed, we began working as a team. We have continued to work together since my licensure in November of 2004. Linda and I share the same values, ethics, and philosophies of birth. We work well as a team, and enjoy ministering to women together. We also enjoy the many benefits of having more than one licensed midwife as part of the birth team. Not only do we benefit, but I feel that there are many benefits to the expectant parents as well. Through the years, I have had the privilege of delivering some of my nieces and nephews, and the children of many of my friends. I LOVE watching “my” babies as they grown, and one or our greatest pleasures is working with the same families over and over again. I am on #6 in several families. Amy C Bixby, LM, CLC

Jennifer Stewart LM,CPM

Licensed Midwife

From the time I was three years old and first felt my unborn brother kick, I was fascinated with babies and the birth process. That evolved into knowledge of, then love for, midwifery, and in 2000 I enrolled in a distance-learning midwifery school. The practice began in 2006, after spending six years in formal training and apprenticeship with local midwives. Through the last 13 years, many unique situations have presented themselves, including twins, breeches, and Vaginal Births After Cesarean (VBACs). As a midwife, I strive to maintain high standards, which include participating in community peer review, conferences, workshops, and other routes of continuing education.
Years spent practicing in the rural areas of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky brought many memorable experiences. Delivering babies by lamplight in numerous Amish homes, going deep into the hills to assist mamas give birth by their firesides, in pools of water, and sometimes in a nest made on their living room floor, sitting at kitchen tables sharing coffee and sweet conversation, all made for a uniquely-varied practice for a midwife to grow in. Many precious friendships were made, and babies brought safely into the world. I was active in the local birthing community, attending meetings and promotional events, and enjoyed a collaborative relationship with several practicing midwives.

In late 2010, I had a renewed interest in pursuing the credential of IBCLC, or International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The certification process included hours of education through a course taught by the International Board of Lactation Examiners, the compilation of an application that documented my experience, and a written exam. The whole process was concluded in July 2011, and the official certification of IBCLC was given. It has been a privilege to serve the community in that capacity, including teaching regular breastfeeding classes.

In the summer and fall of 2011, in addition to becoming an IBCLC, I became a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives, and a California Licensed Midwife through the Challenge Process provided by the National Midwifery Institute. It was an arduous process that was completed in record time, only by the grace of God, and with the addition of new gray hair! In November 2011, the practice in West Virginia was closed to precipitate a move to California. I spent the following year assisting another midwife in her practice, enjoying fabulous opportunities, seeing many babies born, and forging new, sweet relationships with California clients.

The end of 2012 brought some restructuring, and January 2013 welcomed the reopening of the virtual doors of Joy In Birth Midwifery. I am excited to once again serve the local community of birthing and breastfeeding families in the capacity of midwife.

Jay Weaver


Jay Weaver is the Administrator, who handles everything except delivering babies.

Diane Weaver

Office Manager

After working in Banking for over 30 years. She worked for a Tax preparation company for several years, and has been Trained in Quick Books and Microsoft products.
She will handle all account receivables and banking.

Mary Kury

Childbirth Educator

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