Licensed in Water Births

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Water Births

Our Goal

 Positive outcome for you and your baby

Possible Benefits for Mom

  • Our deep Sanajet tubs alleviates the pain of labor, many call this “the midwife’s epidural”
  • Experience warmth, comfort and support during labor
  • Have more ease of movement
  • May provide more effective labor
  • Increased relaxation
  • Supports tissues of the perineum
  • May provide some pain relief in labor and
  • Reduces sensory stimulation
  • Promotes early bonding

Possible Benefits for Baby

  • A more natural transition
  • Immediate bonding with parents
  • Warm, familiar environment
  • Often times a less traumatic birth
  • Less light

What to Expect

  • Kind, courteous, caring midwives
  • Support in achieving your water birth plan
  • Attentive support who are monitoring you and the baby
  • Midwives working closely with you